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It’s a big lake. You’ll want enough power to get your boat there quickly and reliably. Talk to our knowlegeable staff about your powerplant needs. We would love to assist you in your motor purchase decision.

Yamaha has a simple goal: to make the most dependable outboards in the world. And that’s exactly what they’ve been doing for over 40 years. It’s not surprising. Because wherever you are — in any kind of water, in any kind of weather — you want an outboard you can rely on. It’s Yamaha’s meticulous attention to detail that makes the difference. The Prime Start™ system makes starting convenient and reliable. A Multi- Charge Monitoring system is designed to keep your batteries fully charged. A built-in sensing system guards against harmful over-revving, overheating and low oil situations. Digital gauges that are easy to read under any conditions. The best anti-corrosion protection in the industry. All of which explains why Yamaha outboards are covered by one of the best warranties on the water.


YearMakeModelSales StatusSell/Price

2019YamahaF6SMHA2 In StockFall Sale!
Now $1,531.00 Was $1,595.00
2019YamahaF8SMHB3 In StockFall Sale!
Now $2,021.00 Was $2,105.00
2018YamahaF8LMHBIn StockFall Sale!
Now $2045.00 Was $2,130.00

2019YamahaF9.9LMHB2 In StockFall Sale!
Now $2,338.00 Was $2,435.00
2019YamahaF9.9LEBIn StockFall Sale!
Now $2621.00 Was $2,730.00 REMOTE
2019YamahaT9.9XPBIn StockFall Sale!
Now $3,010.00 Was $3,135.00
2019YamahaF15LPHAIn StockFall Sale!
Now $3,173.00 Was $3,305.00
2019YamahaF15LEHA2 In StockFall Sale!
Now $2,822.00 Was $2,940.00
2019YamahaF15SMHAIn StockFall Sale!
Now $2,545.00 Was $2,650.00
2019YamahaF2.5LMHBIn StockFall Sale!
Now $888.00 Was $925.00
2019YamahaF25SWHCIn StockFall Sale!
Now $3,528.00 Was $3,675.00